You've stumbled across Speak! Designs, your best source for affordable High Quality designs for fansites, personal sites, and small business websites. Please check out my portfolio, and don't hesitate to contact me with any questions that you may have. Enjoy your visit and have a great day!
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Frequently asked questions

If your question isn't answered here, please contact me and I'll answer your question personally.

Q: What if there's no package for what I want to order?
A: That's simple: fill out the order form or contact me with what you do want, and we'll quote a price for you.

Q: I sent my order a few days ago and haven't gotten a reply. Is this normal?
A: Absolutely not. Most likely, I didn't receive your order. Please contact me about it.

Q: How long will I have to wait for my order?
A: You should receive your custom order within 10 days of making your payment. Premade orders are usually sent out within 3 days. If I expect to take longer than usual, I will tell you as soon as I receive your order.

Q: If my website isn't up yet, can I still order?
A: Certainly! The reason I ask for your URL is so that I can link you, and also because most design-related questions can be answered by looking at your live website. As long as you're specific as to what you want when you order, you can order before your site is up. Please do contact me when you learn what your URL will be, so that I can link you and see my work in action!

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?
A: I only accept PayPal. You can use my PayPal e-mail to make payments (I'll tell you what e-mail that is when you order), or else I can send you a payment request to make your payment a little easier.

Q: I'm a great designer! Can I join your staff?
A: Sorry, we're not looking for staff at this time.

Q: Will you customize a premade layout for me?
A: Premades are made to be sold as they are. I only change the website name and navigation text for you.

Q: I've already paid for my order. Why does it say my payment is pending?
A: Most likely, I just haven't updated the order list since your payment went through. If it still says your payment is pending after 24 hours, please contact me. It's possible that I made a mistake.

Q: Why do you only accept higher quality photos to use in custom layouts?
A: The nicer a photo looks before I work with it, the nicer the final product will be. I refuse to make layouts that aren't going to look great on your site when I'm finished. If the layout is grainy or pixelated, it makes you look bad and it makes me look even worse! :)

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